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Albany, NY


Got a quick night to spend away? It probably won’t be to Albany. Nothing personal Albany, but you’re not exactly a destination spot. There was a free expiring Holiday Inn night to use and thought, why not. The New York State Museum [above] is definitely worth a look. But the real point was to go 156 feet below ground to visit New York’s second largest natural wonder. Here’s a lovely video by fiftyfootant of the trip to Howe Caverns, about 40 minutes west of Albany.


NCAA Tournament in Columbus, Ohio

Last week we headed out to Columbus, Ohio with the Providence College team for the NCAA tournament. We were there to document the trip and cover the tournament from the team’s perspective, which ended a little prematurely. Despite all that, Columbus was a delightfully charming city.

Below is a quick little video about the trip to Ohio with coach Ed Cooley.